Mogg's Blog on WFERIV

Energy Ministers of the “G8” Countries (i.e. Italy, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Russia, U.K. and USA) in May this year gave political legitimacy to the use of the forthcoming fourth World Forum on Energy Regulation (WFER IV) as an ideal forum to increase energy regulatory cooperation and to develop its conclusions for the next G8 Energy Ministerial meeting (in 2010).

The”G8+” regulators concretely committed to preparing a report on the promotion of energy efficiency that will be presented next year to the G8 Energy Ministers. The Role of Regulators in responding to Climate Change is one of four dedicated core themes of WFERIV running over the course of 3 day event. This discussion by energy regulators worldwide on this “hot” topic is particularly timely coming just a few short weeks before the United Nation’s Climate Change (Copenhagen) Summit in December. Read more about the regulators low carb(on) diet …;

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